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Written By Yvette Boye

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WordPress Website Tips: Below is a list of tips & tricks I have learnt from creating my own WordPress websites. As a non tech person who is managing several WordPress domains, problems have arisen now and then. And problems will probably continue to greet me in the future.

And with challenges sometimes one discovers solutions. The list below is a summary of tips hopefully you too can find helpful. Happy reading.

Numbers becoming links on iPhone (Safari)

I manage a Norwegian site (sorry that it is not also in English) where visitors now can check how much a personal loan will cost. When I installed the calculator at one of the pages, everything looked good on the computer. However, when I did a quality check on my phone (iPhone 13 Pro), I saw that the number 20 000 000 had become a link.

This was a problem I had seen before. But I had not dealt with it because I had no idea what was going on. I was very lucky because when I contacted the calculus plugin developer, he said that numbers turning into links had nothing to do with the plugin.

That numbers become phone number links is caused by iPhone using Safari. Even though this was a Safari problem, the developer kindly sent me an article with the code needed to solve this problem. Kudos to Graham and his Loan Payment Plugin.

The article How to Prevent Safari from Treating Numbers as Phone Numbers written by Joshua Colvin mentions the following code:

  <meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no" />

Add the code to your page. Just as this webpage is using the theme from GeneratePress (affiliate link, which means that if you click on it, the site will earn a commission that is free of charge for you), also the calculator site is using GeneratePress.

With GeneratePress, one of the ways one can add code is to add it to an element called a hook. Adding the code this way will prevent the changes from being wiped away on the next theme update. In addition, adding the code in the dashboard is possible for a nontech person like myself to do without destroying the site.

Adding the code fixed the problem. As is sometimes the way with things, when you do something, there are unexpectedly consequences. But for now all is good and the calculator works beautifully on Safari iPhone 13 Pro when testing again.

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