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Written By Yvette Boye

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Rank Math SEO Tips: For this website (yvetteboye.com) I am using the plugin Rank Math (affiliate link, which means that if you click on it, the site will earn a commission that is free of charge for you).

I was earlier using Yoast which is a very solid and good plugin. I changed to Rank Math because it has been said that it is the new kid on the block. Moreover, I wanted to learn more about SEO plugins.

My experience so far is positive. The plugin has an aura of freshness. The team tries out new things and is innovative. As with Yoast, the plugin comes with an excellent online support team.

Below you will find a list of solutions gained from using Rank Math. The collection of Rank Math SEO tips is usually discovered from googling and watching YouTube movies.

FYI: All tips have been tested out on a live WordPress site using the Gutenberg editor.

Table of Contents

Having a Table of Contents (TOC) can make it easier for the reader and Google to find what they are looking for faster. Especially if the article is several thousand words long.

On the Norwegian webpage Låneoversikten (sorry for the page only being in the Norwegian language), I had installed a plugin called Spectra (formerly Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg).

The plugin came with a lot of easy to use blocks, but I only wanted the TOC block. And with a recent update, the styling on the webpage became challenging to handle.

This was especially frustrating since I am not a programmer. Consequently, I did not understand what was going on. I thought I had done something wrong when the page looked strange.

Having realized that I only used Spectra because of TOC, and the challenges lately with the design, and knowing that Rank Math also now has TOC, I concluded that I will not install Spectra on yvetteboye.com.

Also the other domains I am managing will need to by updated to Rank Math TOC’s. This will give the domains the advantage that I can (after checking that not other types of Spectra blocks have been used on the page) can deactivate and delete the plugin.

It was not the intention, but maybe the webpage will be faster. The site should at least not load slower when removing a plugin.

To get me going I did some research and came across an excellent video from Math Rank by Jack Cao that explains how to use Rank Math’s TOC:

Rank Math TOC explained by Jack Cao

Rank Math SEO Tips Σ TOC:

Below is a summary of tips in the video:

TOC TipsHowVideo
Adding TOC blockGo to new blocks and find Table of Contents by Rank Math. Then style and edit the block settings. 1:58
Reuse TOCClick on block => expand block options => click Create Reusable Block, name it, and save it. Next time you want to use it, click new and go to ¨Reusable¨. 9:45
Global SettingIn Dashboard, go to Rank Math => General Settings => Blocks and change settings11:03
Table: Rank Math TOC Tips

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